See how IICF and the industry is making a difference in
Texas communities following the hurricanes:

Thank you for your generous contributions to the
IICF Hurricane Disaster Relief Funds.

IICF Week of Giving: October 14-21

Be a Part of Something Greater

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Through the dedication and commitment of all Week of Giving volunteers and companies, we have been able to support hundreds of nonprofits and charities throughout the United States and United Kingdom – and make a real difference in so many communities. IICF Week of Giving volunteers set records in all areas this year, showing yet again how #insurancegivesback!

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Hear how the insurance industry makes a difference during Week of Giving.

We hope all volunteers had a wonderful experience being a part of something greater!
We hope you join us next October for Week of Giving 2018!

Helping Victims of the California Wildfires

As thousands face the devastating aftermath of the California Wildfires, there continues to be a great need for assistance. We've all seen the harrowing images of homes reduced to ash or even more heartbreaking, heard the accounts from those who've lost loved ones. So many others are without employment as hotels and places of business were destroyed.

You can help with a contribution to the IICF California Wildfire Relief Fund.

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IICF California Wildfire Relief Fund

100% of proceeds will directly benefit local relief efforts through the nonprofits Redwood Empire Food Bank, Napa Valley Community Foundation and La Luz.

IICF is proud to stand with the insurance industry, united in our mission of helping communities – through this most recent disaster and beyond,
as so many look to recover and rebuild.