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  • Christmas Sales! FREE SHIPPING and extra random discount.Use promo code "vipc90" at checkout.
Christmas Sales!FREE SHIPPING and extra random discount.Use promo code "vipc90" at checkout.

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Payment Options

Payment Options & Inspiration

IicfShops is proud to accept PayPal and Credit Card. For speed and security, we discourage that all orders be placed with a Credit Card.

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Order Verification

Billing Address: Please provide us with your billing address to which your bank mails your monthly credit card statement. The bill-to address you withdraw us must accord with the address that the card issuing bank has on cusp. Please be sure you provide the correct information, even if the items are to be shipped to a different location. We regret that this is necessary, nevertheless it is designed to protect the card owner as properly as the retailer.

Orders may be subject to our verification procedures. For your protection, you may be asked to discover that you are the card owner, or that the order information provided is legitimate. This may include a request for a copy of your credit card (front and back), which can be communicated by email, fax or via our secure upload page.

Should your order require verification, you will be notified by phone or email. For this account it is imperative that you provide us with twain your current daytime and evening phone numbers.


What should I do if my card is declined when placing an order?

If you reject a "declined" error message when your order is placed, you must contact your bank. IicfShops has no subjection within these error messages; they are submitted from your bank's online countenance compendium. There are numerous reasons explaining a “declined” message. Usually credit cards desire an online spending border, and you may contact your bank to grant dissimilarity for the online transaction. After the bank temporarily lifts this restriction, feel free to order the ace online again and journey to checkout.

IicfShops reserves the tight to forbear an order when the address or credit card is not verifiable.