Jordans are iconic footwear pieces that have made their way in the street style community. It started with basketball players and it reached the interest of “sneakerheads” and stylish gents.

However, matching Jordans with jeans can be harder than it looks. After all, there are many aspects to consider, like the style, colour, and shape. Not an easy mission!

Here’s a little guide to help you to wear Jordans with jeans.


The “Slim Jeans”

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Due to their appearance, Jordans tend to look best when paired with slim jeans. In fact, this arrangement creates a sense of balance to your outfit. Yes, slim jeans are often your best choice. But they’re not your only option! You can fit Jordans with straight-leg and skinny jeans. Simply keep in mind to balance them with what you wear on the top half of your body.


The “Color”

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Jordans come in an impressive variety of striking colours and patterns. Their flashiness might be the reason they became so popular in the first place. But it is also the reason why Jordans are difficult to match with an outfit. Tips! To be sure that your overall look is as cool as your shoes, play things safe and stick to neutral colours, such as navy, black, white, and gray.


The “Stand Out”

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January 7, 2020 coloured shoes. Their purpose is to stand out! You need to team them with an understated outfit Air Jordan 1 I, simple materials, and neutral colours. Then you’ll be sure that your clothes don’t compete for attention and all eyes stay on your awesome sneakers.


The “Outfits”

the Air Jordan 1 is the key


Our top 3 best couple Jordans/Jeans

#3 Air Jordan 3 (III)

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The Air Jordan 3 was the first one to place the Jumpman logo on the tongue. Today, the timeless sneaker is still one of our favorites. Don’t forget, when you wear this pair, roll up your pants to show off that unforgettable logo.



#2 Air Jordan 11 (XI)

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If you’re looking to rock Jordans and jeans in a modern way, a pair of Air Jordan 11s is the way to go. These sneakers are comfortable and sleek. Their sharp and minimal appearance makes them a fantastic choice for men seeking a contemporary and cool streetwear aesthetic.


#1 Air Jordan 1 (I)

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When it comes to rocking a pair of Jordans with jeans, the Air Jordan 1 is the key. Beloved for its timelessly cool aesthetic, the shoe teams excellently with denim for a stylishly laid-back look. Available in a large panel of color. Make your choice!

There is a tremendous hype for Jordans 1’s collaborations. You should definitely read our article on the ”Cactus Jack” ones



Our tips

  • Select Jordans that look great with jeans.
  • Complete your look with other street-wear items.
  • Choose slim-cut jeans to balance your Jordans.
  • look best when paired with slim jeans by teaming them with an understated outfit.