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The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of the IICF Life Division. This Life Division joins the foundation’s other divisions, including IICF’s Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and Western U.S. Divisions as well as its UK Division. The IICF Life Division will focus exclusively on the life and wealth management segment of the insurance industry.

Through IICF’s shared values of helping communities and enriching lives in the cities and neighborhoods served by our insurance partners, IICF will bring to the life insurance industry its years of experience in enhancing and uniting the industry’s charitable efforts through committees, programs, volunteerism and philanthropic measurement.

For more than 25 years, IICF has helped focus the collective strength of the insurance industry through grant making, volunteerism and leadership. These efforts have positioned IICF as the philanthropic voice of the insurance industry. In collaboration with countless industry partners and thousands of people in communities across the United States and much of the United Kingdom for more than two decades, IICF’s impact has been manifest:

  • $42 million contributed in community grants to-date
  • $1.3 million raised & 2.5 million meals in 2020 provided through the COVID-19 Crisis: IICF Children’s Relief Fund
  • $750,000 awarded in grants to non-COVID IICF disaster relief campaigns
  • More than 300,000 hours of volunteer service completed for community-based nonprofits
  • 8,000 women and men convened so far for the IICF Women in Insurance Conference Series, now rebranded as the IICF Inclusion in Insurance Conference Series
  • 100,000 Book Buddies bilingual story books distributed to children in underserved communities

In addition, IICF has played a vital role in advocating and advancing critical issues of leadership, philanthropy, diversity and inclusion as well as innovation within the insurance industry through its events and conference series. To that end, the foundation recently introduced the IICF IDEA Council, on which more than 40 insurance companies are currently represented. By marshalling the resources, thinking and advocacy of the insurance industry to create a more inclusive future, the IICF IDEA Council is dedicated to creating a diverse talent pipeline of future insurance professionals as well as developing an engaging format to better connect diverse nonprofit communities with the insurance industry at large.

In short, IICF has spent a quarter of a century representing the best of the insurance industry, but not the entirety of that industry. Today, IICF further expands the scope of that representation with the creation of the IICF Life Division.

The formation of this new division and the formation of its first board of directors, are the first in a series of steps to advance the new division’s representation and support of the entirety of the life industry. Other initial goals we’ve established to accommodate our planned 2021 fourth quarter launch of the IICF Life Division include:

  • Outreach to the life industry to identify needs, opportunities and founding board member companies.
  • Identification and recruitment of life industry professionals to serve on the inaugural Life Division board of directors.
  • Research and selection of community-based opportunities to focus attention on and perpetuation of the new division’s efforts regarding social good.

“The formation of the new IICF Life Division is a natural next step in IICF’s expanding representation of the entire insurance industry,” noted IICF CEO Bill Ross. “The creation of IICF’s sixth division is also an opportunity to allow our partners and industry colleagues in the life space to shine a light on their philanthropic contributions to underserved communities as well as their leadership and innovation on diversity and inclusion within the profession.”

Additionally, IICF is also proud to recognize Verisk as both the first of the new division’s founding board member companies as well as its first supporter and sponsor. 

Through IICF, companies and individual life professionals will have opportunities to more broadly share, as well as measure, the continued stories of their industry segment’s vast and positive philanthropy and good works. Expanded access to leadership and networking opportunities will be realized through IICF’s many events, Inclusion in Insurance Conference series and its broad network of partners who share industry best practices through and with IICF. Moreover, IICF’s reputation, experience, advocacy and action on paramount issues of diversity and inclusion will serve both as resources and professional development opportunities for those in the life segment. Finally, IICF will help marry the life segment’s talent management priorities with those of the broader insurance industry through its outreach, thought leadership and best and emerging practices convened most often through the auspices of the IICF. Additional goals and mission-driven priorities will be identified by the as-yet-to-be-constituted inaugural board of directors of the IICF Life Division.

With its priorities of grant making, volunteerism, leadership and measurement of the insurance industry’s philanthropic efforts, IICF will further empower the life insurance industry to enhance, promote and measure its charitable giving and volunteerism, while providing tools, leadership and guidance to this segment of the industry. Because, like all those operating in the world of insurance, organizations and individual professionals in the life space are also working to evolve and adapt to a dynamic, diverse and inclusive future. IICF is both pleased and eager to play a part in these efforts with our colleagues in the life insurance sector.

For more information contact:
Bill Ross, CEO or
Betsy Myatt, Vice President and Chief Program Officer


Maroun Mourad, President of Verisk Global Underwriting and IICF Northeast Division Board Member, hosts an informative discussion on the new IICF Life Division with IICF CEO Bill Ross and Hank Watkins, Regional Director and President, Lloyd’s Americas and Chair, IICF Intl Board of Governors.